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C-10 The Chancellor

The Chancellor comes with a Five (5) Year Warranty
Price: $ 329.95 CDN

  • RF Immune M-56 amplifier
  • Dual Volume Controls, STEREO/MONO switch
  • Black Metal Frame with PTT switch in Dome
  • Gooseneck Mike Boom
  • New Headpad/Headband Design
  • Clear Gel-Filled Earseals
  • Black Adjustable Stirrups
  • FREE Extra: Foam Earseals, Mike Muff and Cloth Ear Covers

Silver Edition
C-60 The Silver Edition

The Silver Edition comes with a Five (5) Year Warranty
Price: $ 309.95 CDN

  • Larger, "Hi-Tech" Liquid Flow Earseals
  • Entirely New Foam Filled Contour Conforming Headpad
  • Exclusive 4-Way Adjustable Stirrups For Perfect Ear And Head Conformity
  • 5-Way Articulating Fulcrum Mike Boom
  • Advanced RF Immune M-57 Microphone
  • Dual Volume Controls With Built-in Stereo/Mono Switch
  • Extra: Foam Earseals, Mike Muff And Cloth Ear Covers

C-35 The White Knight

The White Knight comes with a Three (3) Year Warranty
Price: $ 259.95 CDN

  • New Low-Cost, High-Quality Headset
  • Flex-Boom Guarantees Exact Mike Position Every Time
  • State-Of-The-Art Construction
  • Numerous Adjustments For Optimum Comfort
  • Advanced RF Immune M-56 ELECTRET Microphone
  • Super-Foam Earseals
  • Optional: New Medical Grade "Gel-Cell" or Liquid Filled Earseals
  • Cloth Ear Covers and Mike Muff
White Knight

Silver Fox
C-40-20 The Silver Fox

The Beauty in Stereo Headsets
Two (2) Year Unconditional Warranty
Price: $ 244.95 CDN

  • Non-Reflective Black Metal Frame with Fixed Metal Stirrups
  • Metalized Grey Color Domes and Silver Markings
  • Black Two-Piece, 4-way Adjustable Wire Mike Boom and Mike
  • Extra-Soft and Large Liquid Silicone-filled Ear Seals
  • Switchable STEREO/MONO Switch with Dual Volume Controls
  • Free Mike Muff and Cloth Ear Covers
  • Ribbed Foam Head Pad and Black Adjustable Metal Head Band
  • RF Immune M-56 Amplifier and Noise Cancelling ELECTRET Microphone.
  • Gold Plated Communication Cable Plugs for Noise-free Audio.
  • Head Weight: 12.8 ounces. Total Weight: 14.2 ounces
  • NR Rating: -23 dB

C-90 BNE Electronic

The BNE Electronic comes with a Three (3) Year Warranty
Price: $ 739.95 CDN

  • Background Noise Elimination Headset (BNE)
  • Superb Noise Attenuation
  • Activated by a 6 VDC Battery Pack Using 4 AAA Batteries
  • Cushion-Soft Contoured Headpad
  • Dual Volume Control, STEREO Reception
  • New Solid State M56 Microphone
  • 100% Pre-Tested!
Electronic BNE

Intercoms also available

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